Wonders of Switzerland

Switzerland welcomes you!


Switzerland is most renowned for its impressive mountains, idyllic lakes and beautiful nature, but there is more to this country than the famous swiss alps. If you ever enjoyed a luxury wellness hotel in this country, you have tasted the best, holidays can be. In this country hospitality is considered an art. You can kick back and relax, while the perfect service is sure to fulfill your every need. Hiking in Switzerland is a great activity to fill your days and enjoy the beautiful country side in Summer. You can see nature at its best. When everything comes to life in the mountains in the spring it is a sight not to be missed. When animals awake from the winters sleep, so do all the flowers of the mountains. The woods are green and offer soothing coolness late in the summers heat. When fall comes, you can walk alongside the lakes shores and be amazed by the mystic aura of the fog that seeps through the valleys. Come winter, the snow crawls from the mountaintops, where it was all summer long into the lowlands. That is the time for skiing in switzerland. When the country is all white and the hard edges are rounded by powdery snow, it is time to enjoy the fresh air, the excitement and certainly the speed of your new ski-set atop the swiss alps.


Come back and warm your bones


After a long day of excitement and nature, you will certainly yearn for some warmth as well as the famous „Gemütlichkeit“. So you return to your luxury hotel. Here you can warm your bones beside the open fireplace, while warming from the inside with some hot tea or schnapps. Maybe you are not hungry yet, so you decide to have a look at the praised spa. You will not be disappointed. Switzerland’s reputation does not exceed its true splendor, when it comes to wellness. Here you will find relaxation like you have never known it.

After you are refreshed and back on your feet, surely the hunger will be there. Now it is time to enjoy the great cuisine the country is known for. That is just the way to spend your day in beautiful Switzerland.

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