Green Serverspace

In a digital World


Todays world depends heavily on digital infrastructure. No business can exist today without having the benefits of secure Email and VPN connections. Thus you can work from anywhere in the world as secure and efficiently as if you were sitting in your own office. When you are at an airport in south-east-asia and have a few hours of layover, you might as well check you mail, finish a document or partake in a conference call regarding the new project. Just a few years back no one thought working independently from your office was at all possible. Today you can hardly imagine a world without such benefits. But of course such possibilities rely heavily on the right technical infrastructure. A highly secure and state-of-the-art data center is needed to guide the traffic in the right direction without running danger of security breaches of massive downtimes.


Green high-end technology


To guarantee all the benefits of the modern times, there is the swiss company They offer housing for your technical infrastructure and rackspace for your servers while providing the latest technology. But with all those advantages, there also come great challenges. While such technological developments are a must-have in business today, the costs in terms of energy-consumption and damage done to the environment can be enormous. That is why offers colocation with regard to future generations. All of the Multi Tier Level data-centers in Switzerland use energy from renewable resources and are designed in the spirit of protecting the environment, while delivering the best technology can offer today and tomorrow. Of course the data-centers are placed in secure locations, far removed from hazardous zones and comply with a number of ISO-norms. has proven, that green computing can be as fast and efficient, while not exceeding the price of the alternatives. Innovative technology enables wonders!

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