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Outsourcing is the new trend decided the executive board. With this step, they wanted to save tons of money to still remain profitable. Our company has had its ups and downs, but right now it’s looking good. The decision hasn’t come easy, but I think it’s the best direction our company can take, even thou it will result in some moderate layoffs. Yes, we are taking the hard way, but we hope this will save us from even more layoffs, because bankruptcy isn’t far away if we still steer in the wrong direction. We must cut costs in all corners. When it comes to electronics manufacturing services, the company’s division will never be profitable because we are too small and we do not have the know-how to design the products and put them as fast as possible into production. This is why the executive board decided to restructure the EMS by outsourcing it to a company with a lot of knowhow in electronics contract manufacturing. We decided that our partner shall be ENICS, because of its unique services which include full life-cycle service solutions. This life-cycle management includes engineering services as well as after ales services. Their engineers contribute their extensive know-how to develop and design our product. ENICS keeps track of any new developments in the component market and contributes their knowledge for the optimal circuit drafts. Fast prototyping enables our engineers to avoid faulty designs and therefore helps to keep the overall costs down. The engineers at ENICS also design the test systems to guarantee quality at every step of the manufacturing process. When the products go into production, ENICS offers a broad services range, including component care, product care and redesigns to maximize our products life cycle and therefore maximizing our profits on this product. The after sales services also include spare parts production, electronics repair and preventive maintenance, inspections of the manufacturing plans, modifications to the original design and extensive recycling services. To sum it all up, our company is now able to design our products faster, put them into production well before we would have been able before and then maximize its life cycle while still being cheaper than before. How did the workers respond to this new direction? Well, the opinions were somewhat mixed. Some of them fear that they will lose their job next. Others are glad the company is finally restructuring, because they had the feeling of being on a sinking boat. As for myself, I think it’s the best thing the company has done in the last 10 years. We tried to everything, from designing industrial electronics to supporting our customers, ourselves. This led to a huge, fragmented company with many unnecessary intermediate stages. Now we are more focused and fit for the future. Our shares are now on the same level as 10 years before, and still rising.

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